In Silver by Miss Irene Clearmont

In Silver (Domains 4) – Silver Domain, where only the most elevated of the Domains’ guests have access. We have now reached the final chapter of the series, where all will be revealed and the Domains will become the centre of a conspiracy that will envelop all in its arms.


In Roan by Miss Irene Clearmont

In Roan (Domains 3) – Roan Domain, the wide meadows, the pampas and the clop of stallions, mares and fillies. Stables, farm and parlours, Roan has it all, and is explored in day-to-day detail.


In Crimson by Miss Irene Clearmont

In Crimson (Domains 2) – the Domains are a place where female domination takes real and actual form. A place where the wealthy women that desire to dominate their world can vacation in the opulent and degenerate luxury that they are entitled to.


In Pink by Miss Irene Clearmont

In Pink – Alexa is a woman who enjoys teasing and humiliating her boyfriend Charles. One evening when he uses their ‘safe word’, Alex starts to realise that she wants more, much more from him, that she wants to push his and her limits more than just a few steps forward.