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Miss High-Heels: the story of a rich but girlish young gentleman under the control of his pretty step-sister and her aunt.

Miss High-Heels was written in 1931. It has one illustration.

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Excerpt: Miss High-Heels


This story is a reminiscence, a fond recollection of my colourful days as a youth. I can safely say (with the clarity of hindsight) that my youth was extraordinary. My upbringing was unlike any other young man knew at the time, and to this day, many years later, I have yet to meet a soul whose story can compare with mine in its bizarre nature.

My erotic rearing gave me a great sense of alienation, yet also a feeling of being absolutely rare and precious. Of course, later in life I learned that I was not alone in my exclusive sexual proclivities; proclivities that flourished and were fostered from the time I was very young on through my early adulthood. I have since had the pleasure of finding others who share the same delicious tastes that I have enjoyed. I was cared for by my strange and beautiful stepsister, Helen, with the delicate attentions that one gives a fragile, unique flower. It was my lovely stepsister who helped me to find the “true” self that was hiding inside my male skin.

Ever since I could remember, I had a great fondness for the excesses of women’s clothing, of women’s finery, and of their ways. It was Helen who really prodded me to discover my true nature and created an environment in which I relished the world of women. Thus, the following words are the tale of what I shall call my “becoming.” This is the tale of how I metamorphosed from Dennis Evelyn Beryl to the lovely Denise Beryl.

Excerpt From: Anonymous. “Miss High-Heels.”


Miss High Heels.

A hundred years ago things were so different and yet so much of this tale of fetish and obsession is immediately recognisable despite the all the time that has passed since it was written. Miss High Heels was written in 1931, according to the publishing notes, but gives the distinct impression that it is set a couple of decades before that, at the very close of the Victorian age and the beginning of the rather more sexually libertarian Edwardian era. The background is one of wealth and affluence, households with servants to cater for the whims of their employers, boarding schools and large residences and everything just the snap of the fingers away from being done for the rich abusers who enjoy every luxury.

Like so many of these Victorian and Edwardian erotica novels, it is written in the first person as a series of reminiscences, pretending to be a genuine telling of a young man who is tempted, taken in hand and then becomes the sex-toy of two women that wish to amuse themselves with his ruination. I am assuming that it is a work of fiction 😊!  His stepsister, Helen, (the author is careful to avoid overt incest) and his Aunt are the main female protagonists, two women that use his fetishes and vulnerabilities against him to create a feminised servant whose fortune is to be stolen and whose purpose is to amuse and pleasure them continually with his humiliation and helplessness. The eighteen-year-old Dennis Evelyn, the heir to a large estate and considerable fortune, becomes alternately Denise and Evelyn and of course, Miss High Heels in the hand of his aunt and stepsister, dressed and debased, punished and teased into complete subservience. One of the most common fetishes in those times was strict punishment, mostly by use of the cane, and the rod is certainly not spared as Dennis is dressed in corsets and heels, forced to become a maid and the virtual property of his new owners. Dennis becomes Denise, that was bound to happen!

Even though the tale begins at the age of eighteen, earlier episodes in boarding school are revealed in the opening chapters, and we can see that Dennis was blackmailed after a nighttime incident in his younger schooldays. His stepsister, Helen, uses this against him as a lever to move Dennis towards feminisation by degrees, though the plot moves fast in this direction. This is a common enough sexual-social trope that I myself have used time and time again! Female clothing, social situations, blackmail, persuasion and ever stricter punishments ensure that Dennis has no means of escape, though to be honest, he is following his own compulsions as well as the orders of the women that amuse themselves at his expense. In fact, this is one difference between Miss High Heels and much modern BDSM and female domination fiction, Dennis is fully complicit in his own destruction and scarcely even attempts to fight it, even when the rod is plied and the corsets are unbearably tight! He knows what is going on and loves it!

With a length just over forty thousand words, this is a novel and not a short story. Written in the style of the times and using a sexual vocabulary that sounds occasionally almost juvenile to a modern reader (but I see it as fitting well), the storyline focuses on the feminisation fetishes of our ‘hero’ rather than more explicit possibilities. That’s not to say that the novel is merely a series of descriptions of clothes and lacy underwear. The austere and strict Aunt Priscilla soon has Dennis in a chastity restraint and hires masseuses to reshape her victim and ensure that he presents himself as female at every moment. This is all about the social pressure and severe humiliation rather than explicit sexual scenes as he even gets to be introduced to a former male acquaintance…

Having read little fiction from this era, but having seen the erotic art of Montorgeuil (that could almost be used as illustrations), I was frankly amazed at how many Edwardian fetish situations and fixations have a modern touch by our standards. The canings, the stockings, shoes, corsets and makeup are almost the same, though the social pressures and intimate situations have a rather different flavour than more modern offerings and his surrender is like honey on the tongue. If anything, this rather sweet novel just makes me want to set a piece of my own writing in this era and have the same fun as ‘Anonymous’ did when he (or she) wrote it.

All in all, a recommended fire-side read as long as the reader is fully corseted and in full chastity restraint…

Irene Clearmont

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