Programming Language by Miss Irene Clearmont

Programming Language – We are in Middlesbrough, a small post-industrial town in the north east of England. A place where men are men and football and beer are more important than sex… Two female best friends commiserate over their boyfriends, husbands and the struggle of living a life that is less important than football and beer.


Pet Shop Girls by Miss Irene Clearmont

FavoritePet Shop Girls Pet Shop Girls – Daniella, a wife trapped in a marriage with the unfaithful Clifford. Clifford, a man trapped in a marriage with a woman who has …


La Trilogie Érotique de Paul Verlaine by Martin van Maële

La Trilogie Érotique de Paul Verlaine is a suite of fifteen etchings created by Martin van Maële in 1907 to illustrate La Trilogie érotique : Amies, Femmes, Hombres by Paul Verlaine.


Female Principals by Miss Irene Clearmont

Female Principals – A tale of tales, a serpent that loops around and swallows its own tail. We open with Lydia, a young women who has met the love of her life, William, and is about to meet his aristocratic family for the first time. Heart in her mouth, she ventures into the world of old-money and arrogant aristocracy to discover that nothing is as she expected. Hestia, William’s mother, is a force to be reckoned with.


Command Performance by Miss Irene Clearmont

Command Performance – This is the disturbing tale of Jenny, super-brat, and her naive boyfriend from high school, John. His cherry needs popping and she seems just the girl to do it for him.


Illustrations for Mémoires de Fanny Hill by Édouard Chimot

Illustrations for Mémoires de Fanny Hill – A portfolio of 29 illustrations, 18 in full color and 11 in red Conté crayon.


The Engravings From ‘Histoire de Dom Bougre’

Histoire de Dom Bougre is an erotic French novel from 1741 about an older man looking back on his love life.


Dan Dunn

Detective Dan Dunn is hired by a man to tail his wife who he thinks is having an affair. Well, she is, but not the kind of affair the husband imagined.


Cuir & Peau by Rene Giffey

FavoriteCuir & Peau by Rene Giffey Cuir & Peau translates to ‘Leather & Skin’. This set of 21 illustrations is from 1934, and depicts fetish punishment with a great deal …