Dressage by Bernard Montorgeuil (English Translation)

Dressage – This is a tale of obsession, sexual slavery, domination, and fetish. The intimate breaking down of a man’s sexuality for the simple carnal pleasure of his rightful and debauched owners.


The Engravings From ‘Histoire de Dom Bougre’

Histoire de Dom Bougre is an erotic French novel from 1741 about an older man looking back on his love life.


Wally and the French Ambassador

Wally and the French Ambassador – Wally would like to go for a walk with the French Ambassador but first she needs to fix her stockings. The Ambassador is very happy to help.


Wally and the King

Wally and the King – Wallis Simpson Causes King Edward VIII to Abdicate His Throne


Wally and the Sultan

Wally and the Sultan – Wallis Simpson has heard that the Sultan’s rooms are decorated quite exotically. She would love to have a tour.


The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon

The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon is the story of a young man whose early education in an English boarding school serves as a basis to become a surgeon in Britain. As an adult he enjoys a number of erotic encounters with his female patients.


Thrills of a Parachute Jump

Thrills of a Parachute Jump – Bob and Edna are at the 1939 World’s Fair riding the rides. It turns out that Edna is afraid of heights, so when they ride the Parachute Jump she needs to hold on tightly to Bob.


Betty the Co-Ed

Betty the Co-Ed is new to College. In this sixteen page Tijuana Bible, four college students including Betty, double date and truly enjoy some new experiences.


Illustrations for De Figuris Veneris by Paul Avril

In 1906, Paul Avril was commissioned to illustrate a new French edition of De Figuris Veneris.  This project was a milestone in erotic illustration.