The Collected Works

The fantasy that I offer is that there is a place outside the run of everyday life where things can happen that cause people to find that they now belong in some way to malicious women who relish the opportunity to enforce their superiority in any devious way that they wish. To have slaves and servants, pets and servitors who are only for pleasure and personal luxury, who can only live to please their superior owners. If you have ever enjoyed the drawings of Sardax, you will have had a glimpse into this cruel world. It can be domestic. A wife who finds a way to have her husband as a slave. A girlfriend that wants more than her lover will willingly give. It can be institutional. A wicked and malicious underworld where people are bought and sold, used and enjoyed as property for a high price. It can be the world of work, where the rules are turned upside down and work for the mistress becomes a pleasure. There are endless possibilities and endless variations which cross the zones of ‘normal life’ and it is my intention to focus on them and take you there as an onlooker or a participant.

Miss Irene Clearmont

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Translations of Classic Erotica
The Clearmont Quartet

The Clearmont Quartet

Loosely connected by the main character, the fictional Miss Irene Clearmont whose name I stole for my pen-name! Beginning with how she made her fortune by theft and murder. Mainly a F/f tale, the first I ever wrote! In the second volume, how she builds her business. In the third volume, this is the story of her expanding into the international arena. ‘Honey Trap’ tells of the links to the far East. Thrillers, they can be read separately or as a series.

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Thumbnail IreneSeries001DarkWidow250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Dark Widow (Clearmont 1) – George Lamont, the owner of several businesses has a secret that he hides from the world. His dominant Mistress, Miss Irene Clearmont has been installed in an expensive house to be ready for whenever he needs to feel her heels on his back. But, a surprise is waiting for him when he arrives, a scenario, a scene where he is to be the victim of two evil nurses… But, the real surprise is that this is just the first move in a devious plan to steal his fortune and his wife, and that requires that he is disposed of first.

Thumbnail IreneSeries002SecondCircleofHell250 Miss Irene Clearmont

The Second Circle Of Hell (Clearmont 2) – Following on a few years after the events of ‘Dark Widow’ this novel charts the time when the Training Institute on Long Island was getting ever more assertive. Hillary and Arnold run a small building and internal design studio on Long Island. He, deeply religious, she, in his shadow. When a strange rich woman asks if they could possibly supply quotes for a large job, Hillary sees the opportunities. Arnold, on the other hand, sees that his wife is becoming too independent and is not amused when she takes on the design work.

Thumbnail IreneSeries003RulesofEngagement250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Rules of Engagement (Clearmont 3) – A young man goes missing in Turkey. Another as he leaves a jail in the USA. A Turkish matriarch that is running a business that has lasted a thousand years grooms her daughters. A contingent of American women travels to Turkey to discover new markets for their goods.

Thumbnail IreneSeries004HoneyTrap250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Honey Trap (Clearmont 4) – Assigned to Korea as part of an operation that crosses the law enforcements of several countries. Charley is an American FBI agent that speaks perfect Korean and is judged to be ideal to penetrate Mrs Tokashirimaso’s organisation of slavery with the help of the South Korean police. She is assigned a local partner, pretty and naive Ga, a naive young pusher of pens with no experience in field work.

The Domains Series

The Domains Series

The Domains… a pleasure park for wealthy women who appreciate service and intimate attention and are prepared to pay for it. Set in the near future, this series of novels takes us on a visit to the various domains, each of which has a different theme, a different kink, a different fetish. And yet… there is more to it than merely pleasure, because the Domains are also a ferment of planning and preparation for events that will change the world…

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Thumbnail DomainsSeries1InPink250 Miss Irene Clearmont

In Pink (Domains 1) – The first of four novels set in the near future, around ten years hence. Alexa is a woman who enjoys teasing and humiliating her boyfriend Charles. One evening when he uses their ‘safe word’, Alex starts to realise that she wants more, much more from him, that she wants to push his and her limits more than just a few steps forward.

Thumbnail DomainsSeries2InCrimson250 Miss Irene Clearmont

In Crimson (Domains 2) – the Domains are a place where female domination takes real and actual form. A place where the wealthy women that desire to dominate their world can vacation in the opulent and degenerate luxury that they are entitled to.

Thumbnail DomainsSeries3InRoan250 Miss Irene Clearmont

In Roan (Domains 3) – Roan Domain, the wide meadows, the pampas and the clop of stallions, mares and fillies. Stables, farm and parlours, Roan has it all, and is explored in day-to-day detail.

Thumbnail DomainsSeries4InSilver250 Miss Irene Clearmont

In Silver (Domains 4) – Silver Domain, where only the most elevated of the Domains’ guests have access. We have now reached the final chapter of the series, where all will be revealed and the Domains will become the centre of a conspiracy that will envelop all in its arms.

The Samuel Series

The Samuel Series is a set of four novellas that will take him to dark places and terrible trials as he becomes a slave to women whose only interest is in making his life dedicated to their pleasure or earnings. The books are closely plotted to be a single narrative and are best read in sequence…

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Thumbnail samuel Series 001 plaything250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Plaything (Samuel 1) – On the road trip that he had always promised himself, Samuel is running out of money and still has a week to go before his flight leaves from San Francisco. When he manages to start the car of a wealthy woman, she offers him a little work to get him back on his feet and he falls into her trap.

Thumbnail samuel Series 002 road kill250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Road Kill (Samuel 2) – In ‘Plaything’ we saw how Samuel was added to the household of Miss Harriman, a woman who dominates all around her with ease and elan. In this second part of the quartet, Miss Harriman’s little experiment has now begun. The man that she has broken to the cane and whip, the young Spaniard that she has trained has been cast to the winds to see what happens to him!

Thumbnail samuel Series 003 Full Dressage250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Full Dressage (Samuel 3) – A domestic feminised slave to Miss Harriman, a sex toy in a brothel, surely things cannot get worse for Samuel, the young man who was on his bucket-list travels of the USA when it all went sideways. Wrong! Stolen from the brothel by one of the trucker clients, Samuel is transported and sold to a place that could well be his worst nightmare.

Thumbnail samuel Series 004 Come To Mother250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Come to Mother (Samuel 4) – A domestic feminised slave, a brothel gimp for a dominatrix, the training to become a filly for a spoiled brat of a girl. Samuel has been through a lot before he is finally transported to Mrs William’s secluded mansion to be the eighteenth birthday present for her daughter. Worse is to come for Samuel, because being owned by Mrs Williams and her daughter is going to be almost the severest trial of all for him.

Collections of Shorter Tales

Collections of Shorter Tales

Collections of shorter stories. Each complete on its own, often with a savage twist in the tale. From almost romantic fantasies to the deepest terror, sure to take you to places you never imagined ever existed in your mind.

Thumbnail Collection01EvesApples250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Eve’s Apples – A First Collection of Wicked Tales – A collection of shorter tales, each of which has a rather different approach to the idea of female domination. From the gentle loving of Eve’s Apples to the darker tales, this collection is representative of my earlier writings.

Thumbnail Collection02OriginalSins250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Original Sins – A Second Collection of Wicked Tales – This second collection of tales follows the same design as ‘Eve’s Apples’. Each story is independent and yet, some are linked a little to others as well as to novels that followed on from this collection. The characters have a life of their own.

Thumbnail Collection03OrdinaryCruelty250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Tales of Ordinary Cruelty – A Third Collection of Wicked Tales – A series of tales where the focus is a rather more BDSM experience. Make no mistake, these ones are really quite severe! Even so, the plotting is strong and there are occasional surprises as the drama unfurls! Some of the settings are in the North East of England, a sort of autobiographical note that tickled me at the time when I wrote them.

Thumbnail Collection04DownAtHeel250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Down at Heel – A Fourth Collection of Wicked Tales – If there is a general theme to this collection of tales, it is cuckoldry! Not all of the stories, but most of them! The man that discovers that not only is he captured and tormented, but that his wife wants so much more than he can possibly give her. Severe and strict, this collection is a vast cornucopia of delights, some of the tales being rather longer than would be usual in a collection! The reason for that detail, that many of the tales are so long, is that the writing of them was so much fun!

Thumbnail Collection05Lexicon250 Miss Irene Clearmont

A Lexicon of Female Dominance – Collected Short Stories, Volume 5 – A female domination tale for each and every letter of the alphabet. Make no mistake, these tales are fetishistic, strong medicine and occasion ally heading to horror. Starting gently from A the reader is taken on a ride to Z that has plenty of shocks and strong women who, each in their own way takes what is hers by right.


Novels – 40,000+ words

Thumbnail Devoted Domestic nail 250 Miss Irene Clearmont

A Devoted Domestic – ‘Devoted Domestics’, a company that is devoted to providing the finest in household servants. Butlers, maids and au-pairs, all screened to the highest standards of suitability and security.

Thumbnail Novel perfect fit nail250 Miss Irene Clearmont

A Perfect Fit – When Donald uses his free time on every Tuesday to indulge his fantasies, he always makes sure that Belinda, his wife, is not in the house. It would not do to be caught and his little secret exposed… This Tuesday is different, this Tuesday is the one that he will never forget! This Tuesday is the one when Belinda pops back from the office only to find her husband all dressed up in her clothes.

Thumbnail Novel a reversal of fortune nail250 Miss Irene Clearmont

A Reversal of Fortune – Simon Bradwell, a fairly successful wheeler and dealer, a realtor and developer, a husband and a man who knows the people that decide what needs to be decided… All in all, a man who has life under control, but there is another side to Simon! A cheater to his wife, a fraud to his business associates, a liar and a briber.

Thumbnail Novel an embossed husband nail250 Miss Irene Clearmont

An Embossed Husband – George and Lisa have problems… perhaps a little therapy would help? At the suggestion of her friend Sally she goes to a therapist after managing to persuade her husband to give it a try. That Lisa is having an affair with George’s bullying boss is a little bonus. And, so the session begins…

Thumbnail Novel ascendancy250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Ascendancy – Sandra and William have just newly divorced. A somewhat lacklustre marriage led to a somewhat emotionless divorce and they have parted ways without any great acrimony… but Sandra is not happy with the result even though it was her affairs that triggered the break.

Thumbnail Novel command performance250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Command Performance – This is the disturbing tale of Jenny, super-brat, and her naive boyfriend from high school, John. His cherry needs popping and she seems just the girl to do it for him.

Thumbnail Novel corrective therapy250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Corrective Therapy – What you are about to read are the case notes from an experiment in human behaviour that follows three cases through the therapy. Therapy that aims to prove that the mental framework of the modern white man is basically submissive…

Thumbnail Novel four bitches250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Four Bitches – Four dissatisfied women, all close friends, spend an evening complaining how their husbands are such lazy and inconsiderate pigs. Only after one thing, an easy life and plenty of sex! They resolve to straighten out their problems and start a competition to see who can best train their husband to be the perfect partner for them.

Thumbnail Novel fourth wall250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Fourth Wall – Written in an open first-person style in which the main character talks directly to the reader, exposes her thoughts and plans and enjoys every moment of it! In effect a POV view of the world for the reader, because she knows who you are, what you are and what you need!

Thumbnail Novel from behind a mask of ennui250 Miss Irene Clearmont

From Behind a Mask of Ennui – True ennui is not the ideal partner… ennui leads to distraction, leads to assessing one’s life. Sally is so fucking bored! Bored with her husband, bored with her life, bored with herself and bored with who she is. When her husband gets a job that will take the both of them to Brazil, she is even bored with that! But Sally is merely dormant and not dead inside, events will wake her from her slumber and take her on a journey that she could never have expected.

Thumbnail Novel girls club250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Girl’s Club – Emma has a problem! Not the sort of problem most wives with cheating husbands have! Simply put, she has taken her revenge on Jack, her husband, and so wants to share the delicious triumph with her friends, Elka and Danni. Elka is intrigued, Danni shocked and horrified by what Emma has managed to do to her once independent and ‘normal’ hubby.

Thumbnail Novel girlfiend250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Girlfiend – As the human resources boss, Ysabel has everything and everyone at her fingertips. What’s more, a little affair on the side with another manager, Mike. An almost flirty relationship with Ajlal, friend and coworker and best of all, the eyes of Matt on her all the time. It is quite clear how much he fancies her and Ysabel cannot resist a challenge like that. After all, he is just the office help and she has him in the palm of her hand already.

Thumbnail Novel have and hold250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Have and Hold – Edith and Simon. Married for years and perhaps the shine is starting to be lost from a marriage that is becoming just routine. When Edith’s reaction to his little games are less of a shock than Simon expected, he realises that there is a game afoot. But, Simon is not the earner, Edith is, the boot is on her foot!

Thumbnail Novel klaras kingdom250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Klara’s Kingdom – When Billy’s parents die in a terrible car crash, Young Billy is left all alone in the world. It seems that the only one who cares about him is his aunt Klara, a woman who never got on with his mother. Klara was the black sheep of the family, an outcast who has now arrived to claim her rights.

Thumbnail Novel female principals250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Female Principals – A tale of tales, a serpent that loops around and swallows its own tail. We open with Lydia, a young women who has met the love of her life, William, and is about to meet his aristocratic family for the first time. Heart in her mouth, she ventures into the world of old-money and arrogant aristocracy to discover that nothing is as she expected. Hestia, William’s mother, is a force to be reckoned with.

Thumbnail Novel made in heaven250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Made in Heaven – The tale opens with a series of conversations between the various characters that map out their relationships to each other. The mother in law, the bride to be, the groom’s nanny and the honeymoon hotel. This is to be no normal society wedding, even though it deserves to be white, because the groom is still a virgin!

Thumbnail Novel obedience and Devotion250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Obedience & Devotion – Eric and his son Jamie. The father, a portrait artist who has dabbled in erotic art. His son, on the point of starting university. One day the sadistic Mrs Kurt walks into Eric’s gallery and suddenly everything changes.

Thumbnail Novel paradise gained250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Paradise Gained – Italy, a place where passions and tempers run high. A place where young love can become so much more than just panting passion. Carlos, a star pupil at Milan university studying humanities and history. Ester, a somewhat less successful student who Carlos has his eyes on… This is the tale of their passion, their love and the dance that is played out where the woman leads and the man follows. An Italian love story…

Thumbnail Novel pet shop girls250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Pet Shop Girls – Daniella, a wife trapped in a marriage with the unfaithful Clifford. Clifford, a man trapped in a marriage with a woman who has become unattractive to him. The age old conflict that has a single resolution in the devious world of undercurrents and fetish sex in which we live!

Thumbnail Novel point of view250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Point of View – Gregory, in charge of the office, in charge of his life, in charge of himself. That is, before Josephine and Frances decide otherwise. What starts as a casual game and an office temptation becomes more serious than he could ever have guessed.

Thumbnail Novel programming language250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Programming Language – We are in Middlesbrough, a small post-industrial town in the north east of England. A place where men are men and football and beer are more important than sex… Two female best friends commiserate over their boyfriends, husbands and the struggle of living a life that is less important than football and beer.

Thumbnail Novel secret garden250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Secret Garden – An author of romance novels, suddenly successful with her last couple of novels, Donna is finding her relationship with her husband ever more strained. On the one hand he just wants to sit all day at home and do nothing, on the other hand he is resentful of his wife’s new found success.

Thumbnail Novel sinderella250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Sinderella – Soho, the centre of the sex trade in London in 1985. Jon, an unmarried lawyer, finds himself in a clip joint and unable to pay because his wallet has been stolen. Taken to the office to settle the matter, he finds himself in the company of Sherri, the manager of the club. Attractive, perceptive, dangerous, ruthless and with a sense of humour all of her own!

Thumbnail Novel succubus250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Succubus – An occult thriller spread out over several centuries with the plot climaxing in modern times. Elspeth lives forever, as long as she can find victims for her insatiable need to rejuvenate herself by fucking them to death!

Thumbnail Novel to die for250 Miss Irene Clearmont

To Die For – Daniel is in trouble. He is so close to making a fortune with his new computer app, but ‘so close’ is not enough. He owes money, he is on the financial brink and his wealthy wife is not going to help him. Money is her speciality and control is the other!

Thumbnail Novel under red heels250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Under Red Heels – Marius, a Russian speaker, a cold war warrior heads for Moscow to buy himself a wife! Dominant and ruthless, a seller of stolen goods that are smuggled from Russia, Marius needs more than just a pretty piece of arm candy, because his tastes are rather more selective than that.

Thumbnail Novel valedictions250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Valedictions – When Sue goes to a symposium with her boss Dan, Frank is left to cope with his mother in law for a week or two. The results of this little pause in Frank’s life will change it forever…

Thumbnail Novel wish fulfillment250 Miss Irene Clearmont

Wish Fulfilment – Leonard and Chantel. Chantel and Celia. A well worn three-way relationship where the husband does not know that his wife is having an abusive affair with her best friend. In fact, Leonard and Chantel have not made love for years, a stale marriage that is maintained almost as if by protocol.