Sinderella by Miss Irene Clearmont

Sinderella – Soho, the centre of the sex trade in London in 1985. Jon, an unmarried lawyer, finds himself in a clip joint and unable to pay because his wallet has been stolen. Taken to the office to settle the matter, he finds himself in the company of Sherri, the manager of the club. Attractive, perceptive, dangerous, ruthless and with a sense of humour all of her own!


Secret Garden by Miss Irene Clearmont

Secret Garden – An author of romance novels, suddenly successful with her last couple of novels, Donna is finding her relationship with her husband ever more strained. On the one hand he just wants to sit all day at home and do nothing, on the other hand he is resentful of his wife’s new found success.


Return to Innocence by Miss Irene Clermont

Return to Innocence – Divorced and lonely, Daniel gets a spam mail that leads him to a dating club that is more than interesting. Samantha, the woman who is organising the club is matching suitable divorcees together and the completion of the questionnaire is just the start of discovering a new perfect partner. All is not as it seems as a second meeting deepens Daniel’s hopes of finding a perfect partner.


Programming Language by Miss Irene Clearmont

Programming Language – We are in Middlesbrough, a small post-industrial town in the north east of England. A place where men are men and football and beer are more important than sex… Two female best friends commiserate over their boyfriends, husbands and the struggle of living a life that is less important than football and beer.


Point of View by Miss Irene Clearmont

Point of View – Gregory, in charge of the office, in charge of his life, in charge of himself. That is, before Josephine and Frances decide otherwise. What starts as a casual game and an office temptation becomes more serious than he could ever have guessed. As Josephine seduces and manipulates her boss and Frances eggs her on, it all becomes more serious as Pamela, Gregory’s wife, becomes an unknowing participant.


Pet Shop Girls by Miss Irene Clearmont

Favorite Pet Shop Girls Pet Shop Girls – Daniella, a wife trapped in a marriage with the unfaithful Clifford. Clifford, a man trapped in a marriage with a woman who …


A Perfect Fit by Miss Irene Clearmont

A Perfect Fit – When Donald uses his free time on every Tuesday to indulge his fantasies, he always makes sure that Belinda, his wife, is not in the house. It would not do to be caught and his little secret exposed… This Tuesday is different, this Tuesday is the one that he will never forget! This Tuesday is the one when Belinda pops back from the office only to find her husband all dressed up in her clothes.


Paradise Gained by Miss Irene Clearmont

Paradise Gained – Italy, a place where passions and tempers run high. A place where young love can become so much more than just panting passion. Carlos, a star pupil at Milan university studying humanities and history. Ester, a somewhat less successful student who Carlos has his eyes on… This is the tale of their passion, their love and the dance that is played out where the woman leads and the man follows. An Italian love story…


La Trilogie Érotique de Paul Verlaine by Martin van Maële

Favorite La Trilogie Érotique de Paul Verlaine La Trilogie Érotique de Paul Verlaine is a suite of fifteen etchings created by Martin van Maële in 1907 to illustrate La Trilogie …