Obedience & Devotion by Miss Irene Clearmont

Obedience & Devotion – Eric and his son Jamie. The father, a portrait artist who has dabbled in erotic art. His son, on the point of starting university. One day the sadistic Mrs Kurt walks into Eric’s gallery and suddenly everything changes.


Made in Heaven by Miss Irene Clearmont

Made in Heaven – The tale opens with a series of conversations between the various characters that map out their relationships to each other. The mother in law, the bride to be, the groom’s nanny and the honeymoon hotel. This is to be no normal society wedding, even though it deserves to be white, because the groom is still a virgin!


Female Principals by Miss Irene Clearmont

Female Principals – A tale of tales, a serpent that loops around and swallows its own tail. We open with Lydia, a young women who has met the love of her life, William, and is about to meet his aristocratic family for the first time. Heart in her mouth, she ventures into the world of old-money and arrogant aristocracy to discover that nothing is as she expected. Hestia, William’s mother, is a force to be reckoned with.


Klara’s Kingdom by Miss Irene Clearmont

Klara’s Kingdom – When Billy’s parents die in a terrible car crash, Young Billy is left all alone in the world. It seems that the only one who cares about him is his aunt Klara, a woman who never got on with his mother. Klara was the black sheep of the family, an outcast who has now arrived to claim her rights.


Have and Hold by Miss Irene Clearmont

Have and Hold – Edith and Simon. Married for years and perhaps the shine is starting to be lost from a marriage that is becoming just routine. When Edith’s reaction to his little games are less of a shock than Simon expected, he realises that there is a game afoot. But, Simon is not the earner, Edith is, the boot is on her foot! Simon has no friends to help him, Edith has her mother and Carol. All in all, it looks as if Simon is just going to have to do as he’s told.


Governess by Miss Irene Clearmont

Governess – There is a place called Oban Manor. Isolated and private… Far from the bustle and life of the streets and everyday cares. A place where the guests are pupils and the sponsors are looking forward to the exquisite skills that are taught. A hotel perched on a rocky islet just a few miles from Oban in Western Scotland. A bleak place, a solitary place, a strict place with Mistress Elisabeth the Governess and a bevy of teachers that can improve any man’s behaviour and make them suitable for their wives, girlfriends or family.


Girlfiend by Miss Irene Clearmont

Girlfiend – As the human resources boss, Ysabel has everything and everyone at her fingertips. What’s more, a little affair on the side with another manager, Mike. An almost flirty relationship with Ajlal, friend and coworker and best of all, the eyes of Matt on her all the time. It is quite clear how much he fancies her and Ysabel cannot resist a challenge like that. After all, he is just the office help and she has him in the palm of her hand already.


Girl’s Club by Miss Irene Clearmont

Girl’s Club – Emma has a problem! Not the sort of problem most wives with cheating husbands have! Simply put, she has taken her revenge on Jack, her husband, and so wants to share the delicious triumph with her friends, Elka and Danni. Elka is intrigued, Danni shocked and horrified by what Emma has managed to do to her once independent and ‘normal’ hubby.


From Behind a Mask of Ennui by Miss Irene Clearmont

From Behind a Mask of Ennui – True ennui is not the ideal partner… ennui leads to distraction, leads to assessing one’s life. Sally is so fucking bored! Bored with her husband, bored with her life, bored with herself and bored with who she is. When her husband gets a job that will take the both of them to Brazil, she is even bored with that! But Sally is merely dormant and not dead inside, events will wake her from her slumber and take her on a journey that she could never have expected.