Wally and the French Ambassador

Wally and the French Ambassador – Wally would like to go for a walk with the French Ambassador but first she needs to fix her stockings. The Ambassador is very happy to help.


Wally and the Page Boy

Wally and the Page Boy – Wallis Simpson is surprised by … the Page Boy … in several different ways.


Wally in the Bath

Wally in the Bath – After a rough night with Prince Edward, Wally needs a bath. Unfortunately, she is out of bath salts. Fortunately the butler can help….


Wally and the King

Wally and the King – Wallis Simpson Causes King Edward VIII to Abdicate His Throne


Wally and the Sultan

Wally and the Sultan – Wallis Simpson has heard that the Sultan’s rooms are decorated quite exotically. She would love to have a tour.


Dan Dunn

Detective Dan Dunn is hired by a man to tail his wife who he thinks is having an affair. Well, she is, but not the kind of affair the husband imagined.


The Lonely Widow

The Lonely Widow is more an illustrated short story than just a plain cartoon.


Etta Kett in “Endorsed”

Etta Kett in “Endorsed” – Etta Kett and her friend Bob are reminiscing about their old school days when Bob gets a little worked up.


The NITE Before XMAS

The NITE Before XMAS – When Maizie Pushover comes to visit her uncle, who she hasn’t seen in ten years, on the night before Christmas, she gets quite a surprise. But she gets the best Christmas ever when she gets a visit from Santa Claus.