You asked. We answer….

Who are you?

We’re just good, clean Americans who enjoy good, clean fun, and did not discover anything of a concupiscent nature until after we were 21.
I swear…..!

What do you have on this site?

We have classics of erotic literature, portfolios of erotic art and Tijuana Bibles. We have edited them into ebooks of type .epub and .mobi.

.mobi files can be used with any Amazon Kindle ereader product or software you might install on your phone. Expect to have to side-load our .mobi files to read them.

.epub files can be used on almost any other kind of ereader device or software. Examples are the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony Readers and the Kobo Readers. You’ll probably need to side-load our .epub files onto your ereader devices.

Our ebook files also read quite well on your phone or tablet with the appropriate software.

As of August 2022, .mobi files have been abandoned by Amazon. Amazon fully supports .epub files now. We will remove all .mobi files from the site.

What about PDFs?

Our ebooks are not available in PDF format.

Do you sell any of your ebooks on Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / elsewhere online?

No. We have tried, believe me. However we have been told repeatedly that we do not meet the “Community Standards” of acceptance for these magnificent bulwarks of society. We’ve given up trying. Yes, you can get some of the same classic erotic novels we have produced elsewhere, but you won’t find the illustrations and period photographs that we put in ours.

However, we have never seen the erotic art portfolios or the Tijuana Bibles we’ve published as ebooks anywhere else. We believe we are unique in publishing this material as ebooks.

How do we contact you if we need to?

Contact us at

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