Thrills of a Parachute Jump

Thrills of a Parachute Jump – Bob and Edna are at the 1939 World’s Fair riding the rides. It turns out that Edna is afraid of heights, so when they ride the Parachute Jump she needs to hold on tightly to Bob.


Smiling Jack in “A Forced Landing”

Smiling Jack in “A Forced Landing” – Jack has engine trouble and is forced to land on an uncharted island. They have some very interesting customs on this island, including how they greet strangers….


Girls School

Girls School – Betty meets her new roommate Jo. At this Girls School, the girls school each other…


Jean Harloe in “Hot Nuts”

Jean Harloe in “Hot Nuts” seems to show a treatment for a film with a sexually voracious main character named “Susie.” Harloe (or Harlow) would have been the stuff of dreams in the title role.


Betty the Co-Ed

Betty the Co-Ed is new to College. In this sixteen page Tijuana Bible, four college students including Betty, double date and truly enjoy some new experiences.


Archie and Veronica 29

Archie and Veronica 29 – Veronica tells Archie she has a “small gash.” However, that’s not what Archie finds…..


She Saw the World’s Fair

She Saw the World’s Fair – and how! -The young lady in this Tijuana Bible was just one of the 44 million visitors to the 1939 New York World’s Fair.


Major Hoople in “The Judge”

Major Hoople in “The Judge” – Officer O’Reilly brings a young couple to the courtroom of Judge Hoople. He caught them parked on the main highway “screwing like a couple of jack-rabbits.” Judge Hoople determines that he needs to hear the young lady’s testimony in his private chambers…


Today I Am A Man!

Today I Am A Man! – An eight page Tijuana Bible from the 1930s.