BehindTheGreenDoor600 Behind the Green Door by Anonymous
Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door by Anonymous

The Abduction Of Gloria, also known as Behind the Green Door, was written sometime before or during WWII, by an unknown and untraceable author. It was clandestinely circulated underground for a number of years.

In 1972, brothers Artie and Jim Mitchell, directed an adaptation that became a classic of XXX cinema — Behind the Green Door — which featured Marilyn Chambers in her first adult role. She would go on to become one of the adult industry’s biggest stars.

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Excerpt: Behind the Green Door

BARRY CLARK was disgusted with his way of living. It seem to him that every day began and ended in a machine like regularity which annoyed and bored him. Perhaps he had been working too hard lately, but whatever the reason he felt it imperative for him to change his routine a trifle, some unusual or strange experience that would shake him out of this state of mind. After much analysis, Barry decided he had neglected the amorous side of his life entirely too much. He hardly looked at a woman for months, so absorbed had he become in his construction work. Hunger formed in his mind and he sought a quick and sure way to cure it. Just how could he, in one brilliant and satisfying experience, satisfy his sexual side of life in a way that would make up for months of neglect.

As he sat in his apartment pondering this question, Barry’s gaze wandered out the window to the apartment opposite his. He knew that a most delicious bit of femininity carrying the name of Miss Gloria Sanders dwelt in that apartment. That was the way he knew also that she possessed a divine body. A body that he had often desired, but had always dismissed from his mind under stress of his affairs. He judged from her that she was about twenty-eight years old, in the bloom of womanhood and a striking brunette. He sat upright with interest as he noted in the dim interior of the apartment opposite his that Gloria was in the midst of undressing, apparently unconscious of the fact that his position allowed him to see her.

His pulse quickened, as she finished taking off her dress over her head and stood in a black chemise. He followed with his eyes the sculptured curves of her perfectly molded body as far as her thighs, where the window sill cut his vision. Then she moved and was lost from his view, leaving Barry with a thousand thoughts running through his mind. That settled it, he must go this very night somewhere to satisfy the overwhelming desire which he knew, if unsatisfied, would continue to bother him. He thought of a place, a secret place of which he had heard where strange performances of an exotic nature were staged for the benefit of very wealthy clients. A client which, under sworn secrecy not to divulge what he saw was privileged to witness unusual and stimulating displays of life in the raw. That was what he needed, a visit to this place would clear his mind of this sudden overwhelming sexual desire.

He decided to call Dudley Barrows, the wealthy foreman. Just on the chance he called him to see about it and was gratified to hear the voice of a friend. “I knew you’d want to go there some night, he laughed. “I’ve been wanting to go there again for a long time, remember Barry what I told you about the cost, because of the criminal nature of the performance the stager will not admit, under any circumstances, anyone not brought by a proven client. Entry fee to one of these performances cost $500.00, so only the well off can afford it. I’ll pick you up in a few minutes.”

Barry prepared to descend to the street and as he passed the door of Miss Sanders, the delectable lady stepped into the corridor. “Good evening, Miss Sanders! And where are you going tonight?”

Excerpt From: Anonymous. “Behind the Green Door.”

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