Return to Innocence

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Return to Innocence by Miss Irene Clearmont

Return to Innocence – Divorced and lonely, Daniel gets a spam mail that leads him to a dating club that is more than interesting. Samantha, the woman who is organising the club is matching suitable divorcees together and the completion of the questionnaire is just the start of discovering a new perfect partner. All is not as it seems as a second meeting deepens Daniel’s hopes of finding a perfect partner.

Book Details

Book Details

Return to Innocence – Divorced and lonely, Daniel gets a spam mail that leads him to a dating club that is more than interesting. Samantha, the woman who is organising the club is matching suitable divorcees together and the completion of the questionnaire is just the start of discovering a new perfect partner. All is not as it seems as a second meeting deepens Daniel’s hopes of finding a perfect partner.

Samantha may look as if she is running a club after her own experiences as a divorcee getting back into the game, but really she is locating suitable victims for her female clients who are looking for men that are suitable to become their property. As the club meets for the third time and the selection process becomes more intense, suddenly Daniel realises that he is being blackmailed by Samantha and the other women gathered in the club.

Some women are looking for something on the mild side, others for a more intense experience from the man that Samantha is providing. Three will each test Daniel to see if he is suitable for their needs, but only one will get the chance to own him.

An intense dive into psychological servitude, as Daniel struggles to escape the grip that has closed on him and as he does so, he discovers ever more deep waters closing over his head as a surprise guest becomes involved in the process of his submission. As Daniel slips into his new world others discover that treachery brings its own reward and that for some it is destiny to be owned by cruel mistresses.

Setting: UK

F/m, F/f, Blackmail, Chastity, Feminisation, Fetish Feminisation, Retrogression, Abduction, Immersion.

Strength 7/10 – 47,000 Words

Written 2016 Re-edit 2022


Excerpt: Return to Innocence

Part One – Initiation Chapter 1 First Social

It was the spam mail that had taken Daniel to the website. A hesitation and then a single click that had opened up an opportunity that he had latched on to and followed up to find that the whole thing was just a little strange, but diverting! The pictures of possible partners on the website had varied from the beautiful to what seemed to be fusty housewives, but the choice was his. He had completed the basic form, undemanding and simple to become a member and wondered if it was all some sort of obscure scam.

He had almost been surprised by the invitation to a get-together and, after some hesitation, Daniel put on a suit and went to the rather plain pub where the Club was meeting, apparently for the first time. Ridiculous! This whole exercise is so ridiculous! he thought to himself as he hid behind his drink and surveyed all the others who had gathered here for the same reason. Instead of his usual pint of pale-ale, a fluted glass with a cocktail that tasted sweet and sickly. Already he was lying and he had not even spoken a word.

Two days ago the registration for the ‘Divorced Club’ had seemed like a good idea. After all, he fitted the basic requirements! Divorced, bored, frustrated and in need of a partner. It had been as if the mail had been tailored for him personally. Now that the reality of the club was revealed in all its sad glory, it seemed a preposterous way to find a partner.

Sign up on-line and turn up to one of their ‘socials’, chat and meet and then listen to the guest speaker. Somehow he had imagined a subtle setting, designed for romance, a place where attractive middle-aged women and men could meet in genial surroundings. Instead, here he was… sitting in a pub on the Edgware Road with a cocktail and no idea who was part of the club and who was not.

Daniel considered leaving his cocktail on the beer-splashed table and walking out, but somehow that was admitting defeat too easily. A year after the bitter divorce, a year after losing his two daughters and the house to his artful wife he had still not got any closer to finding that special woman that he so desperately needed. Visitation cut to a day a week, and endless struggles with the support agency over payments… He sipped at the sickly-sweet fluid in his glass and checked his watch. In five minutes it would all begin and then there would be no escape. Those around him were also sitting without exchanging a word to their neighbours, huddled over their drinks and waiting for the event to begin. Mostly men with more than a leavening of the fairer sex, they all had that desperate look in their eyes that signified hopelessness.

‘Ladies and gentlemen…’ The speaker whose voice rose above the slight background hum of conversation was a tall woman who stood by the bar and rapped her glass with a spoon to get attention.

‘This is the first ‘social’ of the Divorce Club. A place where those that have been through the stress and fury of parting from wives and husbands can mix with others who have the same difficulties and share their experiences to benefit us all.’ Daniel found himself wondering if the woman who spoke was herself divorced. She was certainly attractive, no doubt about it! Tall, six feet or more, a full figure and the sort of polished rounded features that promised agreeable strong sex. ‘Everyone here is a divorcee, a person who has broken the chains of marriage, but finds that being single was not what they had hoped for,’ she continued. ‘I myself have been single for a year now and started this little club just a month ago. In that time fifty have signed up as founding members.’

There was a little polite clapping that caused Daniel to survey the room. The balance of male and female was not as stark as he had first imagined. Perhaps the balance was even. Most were in their forties with a scattering of younger and older people, most of whom were well turned out if not actually ‘well to do’.

‘What happens tonight is that I shall collect a few more intimate details from you, we shall hear the speaker that I have managed to find…’ Her hand indicated a young man by her side that looked a little embarrassed at being mentioned and then she continued. ‘Barry, here, is a former Relate counsellor, those of you who are a little older would say that he’s a marriage guidance counsellor. Anyway, he has a few things to say, not more than twenty minutes really and then we’ll be ready to arrange the next meeting where we all get to know each other a little better.’

The woman coughed theatrically and introduced herself. ‘My name is Samantha. Divorced a year and a half ago, seeking a partner. I decided to start this little group to help myself of course!’ There was a little laughter from the audience at the sally. ‘The idea is that the club will always have as many women as there are men, a perfect balance in fact. Every member will be vetted carefully, but there is no intention of attempting to match you off against each other. This is something that you will have to do on your own, but what you have here is a perfect group to meet, a group that has the same goals as you do. To socialise, to break back into the idea that being single is OK, but that there are plenty of people who have the same interests as you. You have all filled in the on-line questionnaire of course, but now what happens is that I am going to bore down to the nitty gritty of what it is you are and what it is that you want…’

Samantha lifted a pile of papers in her hand and waved them. ‘I want you all to take one of these and fill it in as honestly as you can. In order to protect your privacy, no names. Just the membership number at the top and then a few ticks against the questions. This is just between us!’

She passed the pile of papers to the small group on the table nearest to the bar and then sat down as the questionnaires were passed around all those in the pub. Barry sat looking uncomfortable on the stool by her side and sipped his beer as chatter arose in the pub and some people pulled out their phones to confirm their membership numbers. Daniel took one of the papers passed to him and looked it over. The top line was for his number, number 034, the rest was a closely typed mass of two columns of multiple choice questions. A still came over the pub as Daniel started to fill in the form. The first column was for answers about himself, the second for those of the partner that he sought. There was obviously no risk here, no matter what was asked. After all, the only information that Samantha’s database held so far was an email address and a few basic questions about physical attributes.

He glanced over at the man who sat next to him who was already pondering the second batch of questions with a puzzled expression and got to work on his own answers. Do you feel that your work is more important than your social life? There were three possible answers. Yes, Perhaps and No. Daniel ticked the second and then ticked the same for a potential partner in the second column by the question.

The whole of the top section of questions were of a similar nature. Were his hobbies important? How much time was devoted to family? So far, nothing all that startling. Samantha’s voice called out; ‘Be truthful, after all, matches made in heaven are based on honesty!’ Daniel found himself nodding agreement and quickly completed the first section. That took him to the second paragraph. Now the questions were a little more personal. Is sex important for a marriage? How do you feel about a partner who is sexually experienced? These ten questions were also easy to answer truthfully, so he ticked off the boxes rapidly and almost without having to think.

Near the door a man stood up from his table and turned to leave the pub. ‘Every question has to be answered,’ said Samantha. ‘If you feel upset or unable to complete the questionnaire then by all means you are free to go!’ Daniel stopped for a moment and watched the door swing closed. Foolish to run really, he decided. There was nothing else to do tonight anyway except sit in front of the goggle-box. Around him, there were a few exclamations of surprise and he headed into the third section of the questionnaire. Time to put some effort into making his hopes come true…

Now the questions were even more pointed. It seemed as if sexual compatibility was the main aim of this exercise. Have you ever cheated on your ex-partner while married? it started and he ticked the ‘Yes’ box with a twinge of guilt. It was true, that had been the reason for his divorce! This batch of questions examined his sex life with a thoroughness that he found almost threatening. They started easy and became more difficult to answer. Not because he did not know what to tick, more that there was a wall of awkwardness that had to be broken down before the pen in his hand could move.

Are you prepared to try something sexually-new with a partner at their request? That made him hesitate, but he ticked the ‘Yes’ box eventually and moved down the rest of the section with increasing trepidation. Several more people, all male, left the pub, taking their questionnaires with them as they did so, but Daniel did not find an urge to leave. In fact, as the questionnaire continued, he realised that answering these questions was revealing something to himself that was important for his own understanding of himself.

Would you describe your partner’s sexual needs as more important than your own? He completed the final question in the group with a ‘Maybe’ and then crossed out the tick and hesitantly put a tick in the ‘Yes’ box. Daniel drew a breath and looked around. There were about twenty or thirty people left in the pub now, ten down from the start. Only men had walked out, leaving many more women than men in the room. Clearly this was just a little close to the knuckle for some people, but a hopeful sign for the future. There could not be many divorcee clubs that had such a favourable ratio for Daniel!

Just one more paragraph of questions to go. Daniel returned to the paper and hesitated over the first question. So far he had mirrored most of his answers for himself in the second column. After all, his need was for a partner who had the same preferences as him. Now he was unsure…

What would you rate as the most erotic? Now there were four answers to choose from. ‘Nudity’, ‘Leather’, ‘Shoes’ and ‘Nylon’. He thought and his pen hovered over ‘Nudity’ before ticking the ‘Nylon’ box. After all, stockings and dessous… he thought as he moved on. All of the rest of the remaining questions were similar and he managed to complete them with at least a semblance of honesty. Sexual toys, dressing up, role playing and porn all had a question and there were several others too that probed his sexuality with a ruthless efficiency. At last he was finished and scanned the paper with an objective eye. He had expected questions about hobbies, attitudes to children, work and smoking, but that was scarcely touched upon at all. The whole thing was a probe of his inner secrets and it gave him a feeling that left a pit in his stomach.

Excerpt from: Return to Innocence

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