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Wish Fulfilment by Miss Irene Clearmont

Wish Fulfilment – Leonard and Chantel. Chantel and Celia. A well worn three-way relationship where the husband does not know that his wife is having an abusive affair with her best friend. In fact, Leonard and Chantel have not made love for years, a stale marriage that is maintained almost as if by protocol.

Book Details

Book Details

Wish Fulfilment – Leonard and Chantel. Chantel and Celia. A well worn three-way relationship where the husband does not know that his wife is having an abusive affair with her best friend. In fact, Leonard and Chantel have not made love for years, a stale marriage that is maintained almost as if by protocol.

One of the reasons for the sexless marriage and Celia’s need to look elsewhere is that Leonard has a little secret. He longs for something that he believes Celia could never give him.

Now he is due to take a long business trip to Prague. Leonard books himself into a brothel for a couple of days. From a list of services he selects those that he fancies and looks forward to two days of sheer heaven. A little light bondage, a gentle caning, a beautiful mistress to please and a comfortable cage to spend his time in. Leonard is a vanilla femdom fetishist and this will be a dream outing.


Celia, Leonard’s wife, stumbles upon his booking and decides to take revenge on the husband who dares book into a brothel for a few days! Maliciously and with considerable excitement she changes the selections that he has made and to make it all the more piquant, Celia even alters the safe word that her husband has chosen. Now he will have to face the strictest regime on offer, suffering terribly for his inadequacies. For this place is accustomed to hardened masochists, after all it is run by the most deliciously sadistic bitches in Central Europe.

Thus begins the ordeal.

Streamed from the website, the wife can enjoy her husband’s infidelity remotely. Watching his terror as he is broken before her very eyes. And then, in an unexpected turn of events, the mistress of the Czech brothel interupts the feed and makes a proposal to the wife of the slave cowering in her dungeon.

A savage and terror-laced tale of domination and BDSM that takes the reader on a female domination trip into a nightmare of frightening imagination. Not a tale for the squeamish…

Setting – UK & Czech Republic

F/m, FM/m, F/f, BDSM, Corporal, Slave, Plaything, Institutional, Horror.

Strength 10/10 – 40,000 Words

Written 2014 Re-edit 2022


Excerpt: Wish Fulfilment

Part One

Chapter One

Leonard James’ heart was beating so hard and fast that he could almost hear it in his head. All that he had to do was click on the ‘register’ button on his screen and he would have taken the first step. The form was completed with name and a new email address, the number of his credit card was there in black and white. Now all that the website required was his unconditional assent.

Do not think that the process that had taken Leonard thus far was an easy one! It is one thing to surf the Internet seeking thrills and wanking material, it is quite another to place one’s trust in a site that promises authentic intimate personal contact. Especially, when the personal tastes of the addict are so totally left of conventional that society will make an outcast of the man who is exposed.

For a moment he hesitated and then finally he clicked the mouse button and the commitment was made. There was a pause, perhaps just a few seconds before the billing information was shown and he was asked again to confirm his transaction. Again a chance to slip from the leash that he was fastening around his neck, another heart stopping decision that he made with a small sigh.

The thought of actually having a leash around his neck passed his mind and he smiled.

He was in! He was now a real customer and no longer a mere fantasist who feared to make his dreams real. The screen darkened and he could now see if the actuality of the carefully chosen site matched his hoped-for need. Leonard admired the photos and marvelled at how closely they matched his idea of what was erotic. Quickly he skipped through the introductory passages and looked at the small thumbnails of the women who were offering to fulfil his dreams. For a sum.

He sat back in the chair and stared at the galleries. Took them in to try to decide the passions and thoughts of the women who stared haughtily back at him. Each picture was headed by a single word that was a prompt to reveal his sexual and intimate tastes. In his whole life, Leonard had never allowed himself to utter his sexual needs to any other person. Not his girlfriends, not his wife and not a single one of his acquaintances, friends or family. He had never dared admit his obsession even to himself. Now he had to face exposure, because to fall at this fence by being too bashful would lead him to the same disappointment that he had suffered with every other partner.

Leonard read the introductory words above the galley more carefully and realised that these pictures were a test that the website was imposing to help them decide what it was that he wanted. He would choose from the pictures and would then be presented with further similar choices that would lead to a knowledge of his needs.

Carefully, he considered the pictures and tried to look beyond the pixels at the ladies who commanded his attention. The picture of a woman in a fur coat who stood by a red sports-car. The pose was casual, but she had a smile on her face that was magnetic and in her gloved hand she held a leash that trailed to the ground. She was a rich bitch, a woman who knew what she wanted and would get it no matter what the cost to anyone else. The enormously fat woman who looked down at a naked man in a cage with a cattle prod in her hand. A woman clad in sheer latex who sat on a throne. In one outstretched hand a cigarette that leaked a curl of smoke. In the other hand, the cuffs that her man should wear. A woman who stood with her hand on the prick that stood rigidly from her. Was it really hers or was it a convincing rubber copy. Leonard looked into her eyes and then at her face but could not decide, was she a he or was he a she?

He clicked the woman in furs, half repelled and half attracted by the woman who might not have been a woman. The second gallery now revealed was a little more explicit. Women stood in various poses dressed in a variety of erotic dress. From old fashioned corsets and girdles to lacy stockings and suspenders. From latex to leather, fur and spandex to naked and shaved, he found that he was torn between two pictures that spoke to him. One was just a latex clad leg that ended in a stiletto that ended in a needle-like heel. The other picture was a woman in a lacy corset in pink. From the teasing and naked to the bizarre and degenerate. Heels, whips, corsets and lace, the choice was so difficult.

Finally he clicked on the woman in the corset who sat on the edge of her bed and opened her legs to reveal a smooth sex that was nothing more than a line in the triangle between her thighs. Leonard was moved to the next gallery.

This time there was no woman to be seen, just a choice of implements that represented all of the things that could happen in the place where he was determined to go. Whips, canes and bamboo rods. From long tailed and fifteen feet in length to small thin canes that looked to be nothing more than stiff wire that would lacerate the skin. He clicked on a leather paddle and was suddenly filled with self-doubt and tried to go back a step to recast his vote.

A dialog came up on the screen: ‘There is no going back!’

Leonard clicked ‘OK’ and went forward to more choices. This time it was a selection of other instruments of torture. Rings that would gather balls and cock and lock them away until the mistress decided to allow self-abuse. Dildos that varied between huge and slim, masks from which a curved cock stood in obscene attention. A branding iron, a tattooist’s needle, a wooden form like a coat hanger that opened, pliers that would punch holes ready for locks and pins and gags that would force the mouth open to allow its use without the owner’s permission.

He was about to click a dildo, the smallest, when he changed his mind and clicked a simple ball-gag instead. Now the selection was body type. Fat, generous, full figured, slim, thin or almost skeletal. He felt a sigh of relief that this was an easy choice and clicked the woman who attracted him with her generousfigure and come-and-fuck-me look.

It took half an hour to get through the quiz, half an hour in which he struggled to make the choices that they demanded. After the tenth page, Leonard just clicked his way through as was the intention of the designer. The first choices would be rejected, each response was timed, the movement of the mouse inspected and collated and analysed. Leonard was being picked to the bone until his preferences formed a whole picture of a man who dreamt of deeper things but dared not utter them, even into his own ear.

One choice after another passed by until at last he reached a page where he could book a visit to the Czech castle and he could finalise his trip. He expected the computer to have made up a list of his requirements after that long questionnaire, but all the checkboxes were empty and he had to make up his own mind what he wanted from them no matter what they thought that he needed.

Finally, there, on the webpage, was a tick-list of his chosen preferences. Interest in light bondage, younger women with slight figures, small breasts and red hair. Punishment mainly held to low limits with a little humiliation thrown in for good measure. Leonard scanned all the details and had to agree that he was probably better off choosing his own menu!

Despite that he had been so pent-up while he had registered for the site, he now felt quite relaxed, in fact this was the actual moment of truth. The booking, the commitment to a few days of diversion that was going to cost a hefty sum. He played with the calendars to select his dates and checked them against the ones that he had noted on a small piece of paper that he took from his pocket.

Finally he had finished. Dates, initial deposit and all of his choices were registered. He read the list of rules and smiled. Despite the fact that Leonard was going as a penitent, a servant of dominant women, they asked him for a safe word, checked his medical history, and allowed a final chance to back out of the transaction as well as pointing out that he could change his preferences until the day of arrival as well as pay extra for a personal and private film to made of his trip.

Leonard had gained too much momentum to duck from his plan now. He hesitated over the idea of a DVD that a tick box suggested and decided not to leave any record of this trip and left the tick box blank. His memories would all be in his head, there would be no chance that any trace would be left when he returned to his humdrum life. A final confirmation that listed all of his preferences for printing and he found himself at the page at which the site had opened after his first log in just an hour ago.

With a small sigh he turned off the computer and headed for the kitchen.

His heart rate was slowing to normal, his breathing had calmed, but his thoughts were full of the experience that he had just lived through and the anticipation of his fantasies being fulfilled. After months of planning he was actually going to see it through! Go on a business trip to Prague and then slip away for two days to the Czech ‘Service Institute’ just west of Prague to live out a long cherished fantasy, a dream that neither wife nor lovers had ever fulfilled.

Perhaps because he had never dared ask them!

Excerpt from: Wish Fulfilment

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