The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon

The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon is the story of a young man whose early education in an English boarding school serves as a basis to become a surgeon in Britain. As an adult he enjoys a number of erotic encounters with his female patients.


Illustrations for Gamiani by Achille Devéria

Illustrations for Gamiani – This portfolio of twelve colored plates by Achille Devéria (1800-1857) were included in the first edition of Gamiani, ou une nuit d’excès (Gamiani, or A Night of Excess) in 1833.


The NITE Before XMAS

The NITE Before XMAS – When Maizie Pushover comes to visit her uncle, who she hasn’t seen in ten years, on the night before Christmas, she gets quite a surprise. But she gets the best Christmas ever when she gets a visit from Santa Claus.


Thrills of a Parachute Jump

Thrills of a Parachute Jump – Bob and Edna are at the 1939 World’s Fair riding the rides. It turns out that Edna is afraid of heights, so when they ride the Parachute Jump she needs to hold on tightly to Bob.


Zehn Erotische Aquarelle by Peter Geiger

Zehn Erotische Aquarelle by Peter Geiger – a portfolio of ten erotic watercolors printed in 1909 in a limited edition of 530.


Jean Harloe in “Hot Nuts”

Jean Harloe in “Hot Nuts” seems to show a treatment for a film with a sexually voracious main character named “Susie.” Harloe (or Harlow) would have been the stuff of dreams in the title role.


Illustrations for De Figuris Veneris by Paul Avril

In 1906, Paul Avril was commissioned to illustrate a new French edition of De Figuris Veneris.  This project was a milestone in erotic illustration.


The Dresden Album

The Dresden Album is a set of eighty paintings done in pen and ink, watercolor, and gouache, bound together in one album that originated in Dresden in the early 1930s.


The Lantern by Ernst Gerhard

The Lantern: a portfolio of ten etchings. What once might have been hidden in the dark is revealed by the light source prominent in every plate.