amatoryExperiencesSurgeon600 The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon
The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon

The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon

The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon (1881) is the story of a young man whose early education in an English boarding school serves as a basis to become a surgeon in Britain. As an adult he enjoys a number of erotic encounters with his female patients.

This edition includes eight watercolors that while having been attributed to “the Circle of Count Mihaly von Zichy” could not possibly have been so.

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Excerpt: The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon

Chapter I

NOT all the glowing descriptions of amatory writers, not the inspired breath of passion itself, can truly, and in sufficient degree estimate the force of those desires, and the intoxicating delirium of that enjoyment in which the softer sex plays so important a part, and in the gratification of which it relishes a more than equal degree of pleasure.

Were I to cover these pages with descriptions of the most seductive or lascivious scenes, I should fail to realize its full effect.

Language stops short of the reality. No sweeter words, however passionate, however glowing, could transport the bosom, and enthrall the frame, like the one magic soul dissolving sensation, experienced by lovers in the celebration of these mystic rites; but if my readers will follow me, while I tell them of some of my amatory experiences, their own feelings may perhaps enable them to sympathise with mine, and thus by analogy, enjoy again some of the most sensual and moving incidents in their own careers.

To say that I was born of respectable parents would, in the full acceptation of the words, be false. My mother was of that disgraced and neglected race, a discarded mistress; my father, a nobleman of the first rank, while still a young man, full of the fiery vices of youth, had caught her eye, his handsome form and noble bearing won her simple love.

The old story followed. He seduced her, kept her awhile to be his toy, and at length, grown tired of her society, threw her off as a plaything of which he was weary.

She died, but he lived on to break the heart of many other innocent creatures.

Whatever may have been his errors, among his redeeming points must be reckoned his care of his illegitimate child.

After my mother’s death I was sent to a boarding school, and at the age of fourteen had grown a tall, well-made and genteel looking youth.

It is needless to say, that it was here, in the society of other lads, many of whom were my seniors, that I was first made acquainted with all that is necessary for men to know in a theoretical point of view; of practice with the opposite sex, I knew nothing, but my ardent imagination pictured ecstasies, which fell but little short of the reality, and which was further assisted in its expanded ideas by the scenes we boys enacted among ourselves.

All that we could do we did, and we gave each other as much amusement, as we knew how to administer.

It was no uncommon thing for us to wander into other boys’ beds, and each taking in his hand the warm, half stiffened little member of the other, to produce by pleasing friction, that overflow which, feeble substitute as it was, caused us so much enjoyment.

Excerpt From: Anonymous. “The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon.”

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